Always One Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry based in Kokomo, Indiana. Our goal is to touch as many lives and
impact as many young people as possible, through bringing in Christian rock concerts and events. Always One
Ministries (A1M) began officially in 2011, so that we could begin the process of fund-raising money to put on bigger and
better shows.

A1M, is responsible for the annual Kingdom Come Festival, but also for a couple of concert series: The Pit, and
Revolution Next. In addition to those series, A1M also plays host to several random tour
groups throughout the year.
      Kingdom Come Festival 2011 had to be bigger and better
than the previous one. In order to make it bigger, we were going
to need to do some fund-raising. In order to do things the proper
way, we pursued our 501(c)3 non-profit status, but we had to find
an organization to be the "parent" or "host" of Kingdom Come
Festival as we moved forward. In February of 2011, Always One
Ministries was created.
     Our goal is to reach out to the next generation, through
Christian concerts and events. To show God's love in a way that is
non-judgmental, to introduce young people to Jesus Christ, and
plant seeds that will someday grow!
     To maximize our attempts to reach young people, we had to
do more than just the once per year Kingdom Come Festival, we
wanted to come up with more events. As a result, we created two
concert series, The Pit and Revolution Next.
     The Pit, features harder and heavier music. The tagline is
"hard music for a hard world,' and our Pit shows fill that bill.
Featuring Christian and even non-Christian hardcore, metal, hard
punk and hard rock bands.
      The second series we created is called, Revolution Next! These shows are
designed to go into churches and inspire young Christians to rise up and make
an impact in their own generation. These shows feature more mainstream bands,
generally selected with the church's congregation in mind.
     In addition to both of these series, The Pit and Revolution Next, we have also
partnered with Family Worship Center's youth group to find bands to play at their
PUSH events. We have also hosted several tours and other shows as well.
     All in all, we have helped to put on 30 shows, with 82 bands from all over the
country. More than 8,000 people have attended our events. Always One Ministries
has grown into an organization that receives numerous requests by bands, tour
groups, managers, and labels to put on shows. At the moment, we do NOT have a
building of our own, which means we have to partner with a lot of local churches
and ask them to allow us to host events there.
     When A1M isn't working on a show of their own, we often have gone out to
other venues/events and volunteered to "serve" in whatever capacity needed. For
example it was our pleasure to work at Rockfest (in Rochester, IN) two years.
Some of us worked the stage crew, others helped with merchandise, and some
even operated a spotlight.  We believe in unity and working together on a wide
variety of events. We can do so much more for Christ, working together than we
can on our own.
     Another key component to A1M is our belief in taking the best care possible of
our bands. We view them as travelling ministers and do absolutely everything we
can to make sure they are taken care of. We try to do something similar to RYFO,
in that we offer our band friends a hot meal, a shower, and a place to sleep when
they are travelling through the area. We promote our band friends whenever we
get a chance. We try to get out to any shows within a reasonable distance to
support them as well.
     The name Always One Ministries is symbolic. We truly believe that there is
always ONE person we can reach. There is always ONE person that God has put
in our life that we can influence more than others. Our goal when we started was
to change ONE life. If we can do that, we have accomplished what we had set out
to do.
    I can tell you from first-hand experience that lives
have been changed through A1M's efforts. Members
of our staff can tell you that their walk with Christ is
stronger than at any point in their lives. In fact there is
one person who works for our ministry now that
attended his 1st ever Christian concert and one of our
events. That night changed his life and he quickly
became a huge part of what we do.
     At the first, Revolution Next show we did, we got
reports of kids saying that the night "changed my life"
and reports of some feeling it was time to "make my
move" (a reference to that night's headliner, Icon For
Hire) and accept Jesus Christ as my Savior."
     We have seen a young man who came to several
of our Pit shows, take home their first ever Bible. We
have seen tears streaming down the cheeks of young
people as testimony has been shared. We have seen
teens accept Christ when invited to do so. We have
witnessed and bands bonded with young folks. We
know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that A1M has
made a difference.