I know of 3 churches in the Kokomo area, as well as one down in Brownsburg who has indicated that they are interested in
doing a Revolution Next show at their church! That is exciting. We want so badly to be able to come, anywhere where there is a
hunger and do what we can to put on an inspiring event. Now that
Kingdom Come Festival has come to an end, it is time to turn
our focus, at A1M, back to doing a couple of more
PIT shows as well as a couple more Revolution Next shows before the
calendar turns to 2014!
    Chris has been busy working on the groundwork for a potential PIT show or two. I am working on laying the groundwork for a
couple of Revolution Next shows, including another special Christmas event where we will try to do the same thing we did last
year, in reaching out to help those who were struggling. It was a very special day for all of us at A1M, but also in speaking to the
bands and the families involved...they were all touched that day. So we are planning to do that again this year. December, however
is a long way off, and there are some chances to do some things between now and then.
    So, if YOUR church is interested in hosting a Revolution Next show, contact us. You can email us by clicking
HERE (just add
Revolution Next in the subject line) or you can always message us on facebook through either our Always One Ministries facebook
page or our
Revolution Next facebook page. We can check our calendars and see if we can work something out.
    Revolution Next shows are designed for your youth, but are great for the whole family. Generally, in addition to the music, we
ask the host church's youth pastor to prepare a short 10-15 minute word, as well. We have held Revolution Next shows at 3
churches so far and each one has been outstanding. The comments and messages we receive after each one, really
encourages us to go and do these more often, knowing that we are reaching people!
  We met these guys while hanging out at a show in Sharpsville, IN (a
venue called The 210). They exemplified everything that A1M looks for in a
band. Off stage they are fun, warm, and very inviting. They made time for
everyone, and had a way of making everyone feel special. Then they took
the stage and put on an awesome show, filled with some great
testimony. Afterward they went back to making you feel like their best
friend. That band, The Great Transparency, posted a week or so ago that
the band was going to go their separate ways.
    The Great Transparency (TGT) headlined not one, but two Revolution
Next shows for us. They amazed the crowds at Woodland Church in our
2nd RevNext show, and wowed crowds at New Covenant Christian
Center in our 3rd RevNext event. They also played at Kingdom Come
Festival 2012 as well. TGT was becoming a favorite of people here,
including several members of A1M's staff. These young men are
amazing, tremendously gifted people who followed when God called.
They changed lives and made a huge impact on everyone who had the
honor and privilege of meeting them.
        Last Friday night, (October 18th), Revolution Next returned to Kokomo when A1M
partnered with Grace United Methodist Church to bring in our first RevNext show in 10
months. The event featured some great music and a great message. Despite having a
mega-event here in Kokomo (Newsboys, For King And Country, Rapture Ruckus etc...) still
more than 100 people came to hang out with us.
       The night began with an up-and-coming rapper from Shelbyville who was making his
A1M event debut, and KILEON was awesome. In fact there were some carloads of people
who drove in because of him, and they left very happy.
       The second performance of the night was delivered by a band that never ceases to
blow minds...THE PERFECT DREAM. Formerly known as Silver From The Flames, these
young rockers changed their name and delivered ALL-NEW material as a EP-RELEASE
show. They killed it!
       Luke Stone, the youth pastor at Grace United Methodist Church, then gave a short but
powerful message. The main point was to not let what happens IN the church, stay IN the
church, which flows nicely with what a Revolution Next show is all about. His message hit the
nail on the head, complete with humor and great story was great.
       Finally, our friends from Akron, Ohio made the trek west to hang out with us again.
Goodnight Wednesday put on another brilliant high-energy show that was mixed with Ryan's
ministering. It was a great ending to a great show.
       We could not have been happier with the results. Thank you so much to our friends at
Grace for trusting us with the usage of their historic church. Also to the staff at Grace for
your hospitality and generosity. You have been such a blessing to A1M.
       For more photos from the event, there is a facebook page for Revolution Next (as well
as one for Always One Ministries) where our photographer, Skip Johnson posted a gallery.
By clicking on the picture on the left you can go view his photos.
       For any of us who were involved in last year's Revolution Next:
Christmas outreach was a day we will never forget. Sure, the show
was of the best I have ever seen, but that day was about so
much more than that night's performance.
       Last year, A1M & The Protest, hatched an idea to do more than just put
on a show...we wanted to GIVE, SERVE, and show the love of God to the
people in our community. The decision was made to purchase Christmas
gifts for families in need. Last year, I believe that was 4 families. Whatever
the circumstances and issues they faced, these were families who were
struggling at that time and we wanted to help them.
       So we devised a day where we would have a FREE show that night, but
that day...(the bands who would be in the lineup would be asked if they
wanted to take part in this event, and everyone of the jumped at the
chance)...but during that day. Our bands would DELIVER the presents to
those families and hang out with them for a bit.
       Later in the afternoon, all of those families were invited back to the
church for a huge HOLIDAY meal.... we are talking the turkey, ham,
mashed-potatoes, etc... the full deal.
       Finally the night came, all of our performers that took part in all of the
events that day, had been so touched and so moved that they put on some
of the most inspired performances ever. The Spirit was really moving that
       Blake Whiteley, Brianna Caprice, Pure Star Movement, and The Protest
all gave so freely of themselves, without seeking any sort of compensation.
Their heart was to GIVE and SERVE, and they did just that. A day that was
so touching, many were moved to tears, ended with the show of a lifetime.
       We knew we had to do it again, and on December 21st... we will.. This
year the same bands, the same goals, new families to reach, and we added
one more band to it...3Union will join the fun! Mark your calendars now!