Always One Ministries is determined to reach the next generation for Jesus Christ. We understand that there
is a wide variety of music out there, and not all of it can reach out to everyone. Some people like pop music,
some like rap, some like alternative, and some like their music HARD. Shortly after Always One MInistries (A1M)
was created, the first type of show we had the idea for, was a series we wanted to call, "The Pit." It would be a
series that is generally filled by Christian and Non-Christian Metal, Hardcore, Thrash, Hard Rock, Punk, etc. The
louder the better. Of course all of our PIT shows are "all-ages shows."
     You might ask, why are there "non-Christian" bands at these events? Truth is, it gives us more people to
reach. The "non-Christian" bands are requested to comply with some simple rules for an "all-ages" event and
almost every single one of these bands have been GREAT to work with, very respectful of our mission and have
put on great shows. We know that by bringing in local bands (even non-Christian bands) that it will also bring in
their fans, many of whom would also most likely be unsaved. It allows our Christian artists, and our A1M staff to
have an opportunity to minister, and show God's love to even more people.
 On April 21, 2011, The Pit was born. The first show feature a band from Indianapolis called Ironsides, as our headliner.
The event was held at the Kokomo Event Center (now part of Ivy Tech) and had a great turnout. Later Pit shows would
have many of the major Christian hard-core artists that you would frequently find in HM Magazine, or on the major harder
labels like Sancrosanct Records, FaceDown Records, Red Cord Records, Rottweiler Records, and others. Among the
major acts that have been part of Pit shows in the past...The Burial, Your Chance To Die, Strengthen What Remains,
Flatfoot 56, Grave Robber, F.B.S., The Rose Hill, ForeverAtLast and so many more. Please check all of them out on their
facebook pages and give them a "like" Also click on the HM logo on the right to visit the site of the iconic/legendary
publication that has featured heavy music for a long long time,
 Unfortunately for us, we do NOT have a building of our own. We had an unfortunate incident where one of our attendees
broke a window (which we immediately called the owner, took responsibility for and paid for) but the incident proved to be a
fatal blow to our continuing to use that building. That meant that The Pit shows would have to be moved to anywhere who
would be willing to host one. The PIT shows have taken place at Kokomo Event Center (prior to the window incident),
Pathway of Hope Church, Goblin Games, Gorillas Skate Park, and First Church of the Nazarene. All of our hosts have been
extremely acommodating and gracious. However, a lot of our PIT attendance, (by design) we had hoped would be un-saved
kids who dont know the Lord. Having the shows in a non-religious building allowed kids to feel like they could go and have a
good time...but since we started doing the shows at churches, attendance amongst that targeted group has dropped quite
a bit.
     A1M is praying that, in the not-too-distant future, we will be blessed with a building of our own. That would allow us to
put on any show we wanted, any time we wanted to do so. For now, we have to continue asking people if they would mind
us using their building for an event. Which means, when they say no, we are out of luck. So keep us in your prayers that a
building will soon find it's way into our hands so that we can do so much more.